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Cordless Table Lamp
Ambientec, 2015, 2017, 2020, 2021, 2022
Photo by Hiroshi Iwasaki, Kazutaka Fujimoto, Giuseppe De Francesco

The Closest Light to Each of Us Ever.

The table lighting is covered with glass and equipped with two compact LEDs that are not intensely illuminated even when viewed directly. I designed this like glass for each seat as a counterpart that Bottled is placed in the center of the table.At the center of the lamp inside the glass, the LED are attached to up and down directions, supported by the base unit made of metal which also works as the reflector. The body is carved out of solid glass. Countless shimmering lights create a fantastic mood through the reflection of LED in the glass, and beautiful light appears on the table. No matter how beautiful the light of a natural flame is, this lamp makes a beautiful light of a different quality. Even when fire cannot be allowed, Xtal would create a rich scene.
Of course, the lamp like this may not be necessary in life, but it makes you, the place, and the time happy. It was a reaffirmation of the significance of products like this and an excellent example of success in product development away from the competition in pursuit of functionality. This lighting is with water resistance up to IPX6, prepared for outdoor use. Xtal was made for the exhibition at Spazio Rossana Orlandi during Milan Design Week 2015 and was later released. It became one of the most popular products for Ambientec, and different variations of glass cuts and colors were created.


もちろん生活の中での必需品とは呼べるものではないかもしれませんが、これがあることにより間違いなく場が豊かになる。そのようなプロダクトの存在意義を改めて確認できたものであり、機能性を追い求める競争とは離れたところでの製品開発においての成功事例ともいえるでしょう。IPX6相当の防水機能も備え屋外での使用も可能。2015年ミラノデザインウィーク、Spazio Rossana Orlandiの展示に向けて制作された後に発売され、Ambientec社の人気製品の一つとなり、ガラスカットや色の異なるバリエーションが生み出されています。