Oculus Prototype

Table Lamp
Private Works, 2018
Won the Best Performance in Greenhouse, Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018
Photo by Jiro Matsushita

The Experiments That Treats Light Like Architecture.

This project began with the idea of exploring a more fundamental aspect of manipulating the light. The aim of this project was to deal with the light as the context of product design by the view of an architectural perspective such as how the light intrudes and how effect the space. The form of this lighting was decided by the shape of the radiating light from the light source, hollowed-out from the elliptical columnar. By the effect of changing the relationship between the position of the light source and the position of the focal point, the outline of the lighting was changed. It was confirmed that a stronger design with impact may be obtained by setting the conditions than proactive modeling. This extremely primitive design might be interpreted as a form that expresses the shape of light.
The body was made of 3D printed parts. Oculus series was exhibited at Greenhouse in Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018 and won the Best Performance Award.