Nakadai Shibuya Market

Nakadai, 2012
Aiiima in Shibuya Hikarie, Tokyo

Industrial Waste Gallery.

Every day, an industrial waste disposal company Nakadai receives a variety of items from various places such as a manufacturer. Some of them are reusable, some are new, and some are rarely seen. Nakadai defines these things that have left their owners as new materials, proposes and sells them to creators as materials. Designed the exhibition space for them at a gallery space for a limited-time event in Hikarie where a new landmark in Shibuya was opened in 2012. Nakadai's material and the creator's works made of that were presented and sold to the public. The items used for the display such as pallets, shelves, containers used for signage, and cases containing products were originally industrial waste collected at their factory. I created a space where the visitors can enjoy a feeling like a treasure hunt as if the factory had been minimized.