Food Storage Container

Like-It, 2020
Photo by Goichi Kondo

Extending the Value of the Normal Things.

The food storage containers characterized by softly rounded shape. To use it on a table comfortably, I designed it with the details like glassware to reduce the heterogeneity of plastic products. That shape and size were decided by the size of a typical refrigerator and the way of daily use, for making a simple and stable product. It's so complicated to make the same detail with resin as the glass products because of the differences in thickness within a single object. That problem was solved by the craftsmen’s expertise in molding design and injection molding technology. Although this product is in the field where there are many competing products, it is possible to shares something special with users, depending on the view of the project. This project has made me consider it once again.
These containers are made of polymethylpentene, a transparent resin. We can see what is inside it or what is behind this container. It is microwave and dishwasher safe, water and oil repellent, and can be used for cooking as well. And it is stackable. Available in three sizes and three colors. Special trays for easy removal from the refrigerator are available in two sizes.