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Table Lamp
Prototype, 2023
Photo by RKDS

A line fixed in the space diagonally, and the possibility of the development of the base.

Consider a structure in which a single line passing through the space is supported by the only weight of the object. The lines boldly divide the space diagonally. Although the line may appear light and free, it receives significant physical force from gravity. However, the multiple massive object remains fixed in position due to its weight and can provide firm support for the line. By sharing the supporting role, each independent objects creates a relationship with one other, making it a kind of tension between them. We think that this tension becomes one of the roots of beauty here.
Even today, we still have curiosity about the "appearance" of the objects in the relationship between objects and space and between objects and people. That curiosity is based on the origin of appearance or the relationship between objects. We strongly think that the attraction that attracts strongly only arises as a result of that.We express the relationship and tension as a concrete object with lighting fixtures and show a part of the development process.

The fundamental design is followed in all four developed lighting, and various possibilities within the scope of the technique that controls the support pillars for the lighting based on the weight of the base are under consideration. The base has the role of supporting to fix by the weight and the role of supporting to determine the angle of the frame, and it is possible to adjust the angle arbitrarily. As the material with the optimal weight for the size of the base, wood - specifically wenge with a specific gravity of 0.8-1.0 - has been adopted. The lighting units and support pillars are made of aluminum. These materials were chosen for their ability to minimize environmental impact as much as possible. All elements are unified in dark tones, and the design concept is emphasized as a silhouette within the space.