Colander & Bowl

Like-It, 2018
Won the Good Design Award by Chicago Athenaeum 2019
Won the German Design Award 2020
Won the Design for Asia Awards 2019, Silver Award
Won the Red Dot Design Award 2019
Won the iF Design Award 2019
Won the Good Design Award 2018
Photo by Jiro Matsushita

Can Ordinary Commodities Be Updated?

A colander designed for washing rice as well, based on the motif of a Japanese handcrafted colander made of silver vine, that is known as one of the best for washing. A typical plastic bowl usually has a round hole through which water passes. In this bowl, the holes were replaced with so many slit. There are no obstacle things on the slit on the inside of the colander, it is more efficient to flow down water. It also prevents grains of rice from slipping through. The horizontal structures on the outside are for holding these slits. This remarkable structure of this colander has an outstanding drainage performance that was not possible with the previous plastic colander. Just as rice washing is a Japanese way of cooking, the composition of the vertical and horizontal lines also remains a Japanese simplicity. The colander is made of resilient elastomer resin and is suitable for washing rice without damaging. And it’s easy to change the form by pressing for transferring rice to a pot. The bowl is stackable to fit a colander, so it can be used for a variety of cooking applications.
The shape of this colander requires a high level of skill, experience, and knowledge of injection molding. Therefore, the craftsmen engaged in mass production fully demonstrate their high level of skills.