Cantus Firmus

Nittax, 2018
Photo by RKDS

Line Highlighted Ultrathin Chair.

The compression reinforced wood named Complite is manufactured by crimped thin, stained wooden boards which are impregnated by resin. It is an attractive material that has strength like metal, and at the same time, it has a beautiful texture of wood. To express the characteristics of Complite, Cantus Firmus was designed to express the characteristics of Complite that shows both the beauty of the laminated surface and the strength of the material at the same time. In this case, the material was made of different color-stained laminates. The characteristics of Complite will be emphasized by making the structure of the chair by thin rods, that cannot be possible by usual wood. Even the back and the seat of the chair. It was decided that showing the chair's shape would diminish the impact of the components. Based on the Shaker chair, so that we can only focus on the parts we want to emphasize in context. As a result, the seat and backrest emphasize the particularity of this chair.
This chair was made for the exhibition “Bypass” which was held by Material ConneXion Tokyo for showing the remarkable material in 2017. After that event, it exhibited at the small exhibition at Milan Design Week.


2017年のMaterial ConnneXion Tokyoのイベントに向けて制作され、その後同主催者によりミラノデザインウィークのイベントに出展となりました。