Cordless Table Lamp
Ambientec, 2012-
Photo by Hiroshi Iwasaki, Kazutaka Fujimoto, Giuseppe De Francesco

The Lamp without Cables Is,

When the portable LED lighting started to appear on the market, I've worked on designing to be a standard in this field. This was a substantial debut product I designed. If it was required to achieve comfortable and rational portability with the fewest number of parts as possible, it made the most sense to integrate the shade and handle. As a result, it became to be in a bottle-like form. There is only one switch on the body. This lamp could be used by anyone without any instructions on how to use it. This lamp can be used by anyone without any instructions on how to use it. It is an example what portable lighting could be done, and it becomes an influential product for the market. I think we were able to create something simply by cutting down on wasteful things as possible and expressing only the essential elements.
I designed not only the body but also the charging platform, packaging, and even the timing of the light. Ambientec strictly designed the built-in module that allowed low heat generation, high efficiency, and long hours of use. It's IPX6 rated and possible to use outdoors. This is also the company's first lighting product, and this product is the starting point for its global expansion. It was announced in May 2012 and began to sell in 2013.