Won the Good Design Award 2014 – Pipegram

October, 2014

Good Design Award 2014
It was a great honor to announce that Pipegram I designed for Busyu Kogyo Co., Ltd. had won the Good Design Award of Japan, 2014. It was the first design award for the company and the pipe bending industry in Japan. And it was the second year in a row that the company has won the award from the Tokyo Business Design Award. The Good Design Award is an annual award organized by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion and is given to the best in a wide range of fields such as industrial products, business models, and event activities.
The jury commented, “It is a mechanism that can create a three-dimensional object by combining pipes and joints, there are "lines" and "points," and it is fun to see how the polyhedron changes its expression by bending the "lines" by using the aluminum pipe. The process of thinking and understanding by hand, rather than by brain, felt more like the quality of a stereographic exercise model than an educational toy. The packaging is also beautiful. In the future, we would like to see the expansion like the book included production examples and instructional books that touch on geometry and other topics.”