Bypass, the Material Design Exhibition in Milan Design Week 2018

April 16 – 22, 2017
Material Village in Superstudio Piu, Milan
Organized by Material ConneXion Tokyo
Photo by Ooki Jingu

Bypass, Milan Design Week 2018
Bypass, Milan Design Week 2018
Bypass, Milan Design Week 2018
Participation in the Bypass organized by Material ConneXion Tokyo at the Milan Design Week 2018, where the wooden chair named Cantus Firmus collaboration with Nittax Corporation was on display. This event was held at the Super Studio that was one of the most exciting events in the Tortona district and was a promotional project for New Materials. This was an updated version of the event held in Tokyo and newly presented in Milan.

ミラノデザインウィーク2018、マテリアルコネクション東京が主催するイベント「Bypass」に参加、株式会社ニッタクスとのコラボレーション作品Cantus Firmusの展示が行われました。このイベントはトルトーナ地区のメインイベントの一つ「スーパースタジオ」で行われ、マテリアルのプロモーション事業として行われているもの。東京で行われたイベントを更新させ、ミラノで新たにプレゼンテーションしたものです。