Bottled Limited Edition

Cordless Table Lamp
Ambientec, 2015
Photo by Jiro Matsushita, RKDS

The Contrast of Materials and Colors.

The limited number variation of Bottled was made which colored copper, chrome, and brass on the main body. The high-quality texture of glass and metal makes it more than just a color variation and expands the image of the place where it will be used and increases its presence as an element of the space. The lighting product often spends a lot of time without turning on in the space, but the color of the metal creates an attraction not only nighttime but daytime. This edition was first announced at the exhibition at Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan Design Week 2015, and then released. The popular color's one seemed to be sold out as soon as lining up in store.


Bottledの本体部分に、コッパー、クローム、ブラスの色を施したカラーバリエーションを数量限定で展開。ガラスと金属の組み合わせによるバリエーションは単なるカラーバリエーションの枠に収まらずに、使用する場所のイメージを膨らし、空間を作る要素として存在感を増すことになります。照明器具は使用していない時間も長い場合が多いですが、その間でも金属の色は特別な魅力を持つこととなります。2015年ミラノデザインウィークでのSpazio Rossana Orlandiの展示にて初めて発表され、その後発売開始。人気色はすぐ完売となったようです。